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The idea of Sally's Toy came from our personal adventures. The story began in 2010. The then 24-year-old me met the 30-year-old he. Each of us had a previous relationship that lasted more than five years. But neither of us had a satisfactory sex life during that time.

This time we wanted to make it right. Only then we realized how ignorant we have been our whole life about sex. Born in a traditional local family, studied in local schools, I had almost zero sex knowledge.

One day he gave me a vibrator that shaped like a cigar. He told me to explore myself with it. On that night, I waited till my families are deep asleep. Then I stared at the alien object with no clue what to do with it. So I googled for hours and I learnt more about sex than my entire life! I learnt about the clit, how female masturbate, and so much more. On that very night, I had my first orgasm.

Afterwards, vibrators and other intimate objects have been always around us. They serve two main functions: as a learning tool about my body and just to add more fun in our intimate life.

With a much deeper knowledge about sex and being honest about it, we had a lovely and very comfortable relationship. Turned out sex is very important in a relationship and in life. We wanted to share with others what we have learnt: A quality, healthy sex life makes your life better!

As we ponder deeper into our thoughts, having a quality sex life means much more than merely getting orgasm from time to time. The whole experiences, the mood, the feelings, they all matter. That's why we are not just another sex shop. We are an Intimate Lifestyle Store. It's a small shop that sell knowledge first, and product second. We promote how to have a quality, fulfilling sex life and relationship with our careful product selection of fine, quality and safe intimate objects.

How serious is a well made quality intimate object, especially for first-timers? Imagine your first sip of red wine, or your first oyster. If you started with inferior stuff, you would thought all red wine and oyster in the world tastes terrible. With that in mind, we only offer products with best quality, best safety and the ones that really do their jobs.

We don't have salespersons, we don't have customer service personals. Every one of us are Intimate Stylists. We use our professional expertise to curate the best ideas that light up your intimate life.

And this is Sally's Toy. A small intimate shop with a dash of human touch.

p.s. Who is Sally? No one is Sally. And everyone is. Sally is cool, independent, open-minded, knowledgable. She stands for the idea that we have sexual desires but at the same time unique. Sally is always happy to talk about sex, with no judgements. Have a secret to share? Want to talk to someone? Sally is all ears.

Vera Lui & Picco Chu
Sally's Toy & Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store

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Room 302, Winning House, 16 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong
Unit B, 2nd Floor, Kam Ma Building, 16 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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