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According to the Article of Association, we have these membership:

Individual Member
Annual Fee

Receive our newsletters

Participate in our events

Corporate Member
Annual Fee
with maximum 2 branch outlets. HK$120 per year for each additional branch outlet address.

All privileges from Individual Member.

Have a listing on our official webpage and publications.

Participate in our "Good practice adult store certificate badge" campaign.

Access to a list of directories, including but not limited to: Service directory: a list of useful service providers including legal services, regulatory services and laboratory services; Blacklist directory: a list of unwelcomed customers/thieves/suppliers/service providers

Elected to be a Committee member.

Honorary Member
Annual Fee
Honorary Member has no fees and its membership will be reviewed annually.

Same as Corporate Member.

HKAIC Committee may invite individuals or corporates to become our Honorary member.

Brand Sponsor
Annual Fee

Increase the brand exposure to all adult store owners in Hong Kong and Macau.

Build business relationships with individual owners by joining our dinners/events.

Gain valuable insights of the market by information sharing via our private group forum.

Foster a positive reputation by showing your brand name, logo and contact information in the official website and social media pages.

Generate leads from potentially all adult shops in Hong Kong and Macau.

Benefit from the association through branded event marketing with the association.

Showcase your products and get recommended by the association.

Interact with prospects, help develop a connection between your company and its target audience.

Establish authority. As a sponsor, even end-consumers will consider your brand more reputable and reliable.

Membership fees are charged at the beginning of every year. If a member joins after June 30th, the member can pay half the annual fee for a half year membership.


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