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Founded in 1934, Okamoto has over 80 years of experience in manufacturing condoms. Not only is it a leading Japanese condom brand, but it is also the largest condom manufacturer in Japan.For more than 80 years, Okamoto has kept bringing in innovations with the objective of “New Basic – Enhance Living Standard by advance Science” to meet the needs of different customers. Each Okamoto latex condom is made from Okamoto’s exclusive Sheerlon® material, so it is thinner and softer.

Since the launch of Hydro Polyurethane (PU) condom with unified thinness of 0.02mm (0.02 - 0.029mm) in 2009, Okamoto has advanced its technology again by introducing Okamoto’s thinnest 0.01 series of Hydro Polyurethane (PU) condom. The measurement is based on the standards determined by the ISO to ensure that the condom achieves a uniform thickness of 0.01mm (0.01-0.019mm) from the bottom to the tip, allowing you to feel your partner's warmth and enhance the intimate experience. Okamoto’s current products include 0.01 Series, 0.02 Series, 0.03 Series and more.

Each Okamoto condom is in accordance with standards and has passed the bursting test, tensile test, hanging test, and so on. High quality and consistency are guaranteed.

Source: Okamoto Hong Kong Website (URL:


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